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iOnLiveRadio940FM.net, was founded in 2012, and is comprised of professional businessmen and women with over 15 years combined experience in the Multimedia industry. Radio, television and publications as well as: Web Optimization Systems, Web/Media Developers, Business/Marketing Consultants, IT industry professionals, Media Producers, Promoters, Social Media Industry Professionals and Sports media industries. What a team to have working for you!

iOnLiveRadio940FM.net hosts exclusive 21st Century Multi Media Social Networks for small business, ministries, artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs. Through iOnLiveRadio940FM.net’s diverse networks, members capitalize on the momentum of current and developing social and economic trends. The difference is that iOn Live Networks are driven by, and for the lord, God. We openly devote our efforts to a Christ aimed message and morality.

iOnLiveRadio940FM.net and its professional developers have created, developed and designed the most advanced multimedia optimization and marketing tools and systems available today. For the small business owner, small church, ministry, distributors, entrepreneurial and young adults in business today, nothing can breathe life into your projects, your message or your mission like a network of partners. Each one helping the other, each one building on the collective success of the whole. Our mission is branding and marketing your business… with our goal being real growth locally, nationally and globally.


iOnLiveRadio940FM.net multimedia services is a champion for small business, ministries, artists and young entrepreneurs. Our goal is to attract the consumer’s attention and grow the collective network by staying traditonal in our message while keeping relevant utilizing 21st Century multimedia and monetization tools.

With iOnLiveRadio940FM.net’s 21st Century multimedia resources – such as Website Design and Construction, Multimedia Optimization, Live and On Demand Television Shows, Live and On Demand Syndicated Radio Shows, Social Media Page Profiles, Print and Digital Publications, Live Concerts and Events, Sports Tournaments, Mobile Media, and much more…

Discount Coupons, Newsletters, Distribution and Vendor Booths for small to large businesses, ministries, artists and young entrepreneurs to optimize exposure and consolidate revenue.

Radio Producer – Charles Black
VP Worldwide Business Development & Marketing Division

General inquiries: iOnLiveradio940FM@gmail.Com
Phone: 1.877.998.2623 Ext. 700


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  1. Charles says:

    Coming the week of August 1st,2015 iOn live nightly syndication radio shows: Monday-Friday 7:00 p m – 9:00 p m, Saturday 8:00 p m – 10:00 pm and Sundays 5:00 p m to 7:00 p m. Spread The Goodnews “GOD MEDICINE”

    iOn now has a multi-station and multi-channel platform, you can listen on your PC/tablets /Smartphone and watch on your PC/tablets live, remote and on demand anywhere in the world. (Download the iOn Live Kingdom Station mobile app. in Google play store now)

    iOn would like to thank all the listener and every city, state and country for listening in daily.
    1.877998.2623 Ext. 0

  2. Charles Black says:

    Stan music was not a part of our genre..as we explained to him, but thanks anyway Stan
    iOn Live Kingdom Networks had over 700,000 worldwide listeners, visitors and viewers successfully in 2014

  3. I spoke with someone yesterday at ext. 102. I gave my email address but have not heard anything. So I thought I would give you my email address to give to them if they got it wrong or something. Check out my music on the CDs I sent to you.

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