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iOnLiveRadio Its The Good News Newspaper

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  1. Good DayI

    I am on an assignment to get Dr Wallach to have a presence here in the Los Angeles Area. Dr. Arriazza has been doing television about Dr. Wallach for a year now and is growing a huge base. Using Biiny Hinn and Dr Wallach Videos with Spanish with audio I have the chance to do it with English with a Christian Network that is International . I also have a lady who I brought to Palm Desert that is working on her Pastor to submit request to have Dr. Wallach. Between Leo Alva and Brandy they tie up dates and sometimes they have small attendance.
    I would like to get Your permission to go forward. The Christian Network would like your Blessing to go forward as they would need permission to Spread the Gospel of Healing.

    Madrew Brewer
    Exteding the Life of Gods; Creations’ along with Financial Freedom.


    “It not what you can eat that kills’ you.”
    “It what you don’t absorb that kills’ you”
    Dr Joel.Wallach

    • Charles says:

      iOn Live Kingdom Global Networks really appreciates your comments and we are grateful to all the local, national and global listeners.
      Listen anywhere in the world 24/7 on your smart phones: download the “iOn Live Kingdom Station,” mobile application in the Google play store under applications.
      Visit us:
      The iOn GoodNewBook: http://www.iOnLiveRadio940FM.Net/Goodnews,create your own iOn optimization blog
      The iOn live, remote and on demand streaming TV network: http://www.iOnLiveTVexclusives.Com
      *Let iOn optimize your church/ministry/business/artists globally…

      1.877 998 2623 Ext. 0

  2. Charles Black says:

    Both remarks were fulfilled over two years ago. iOn had over 700,000 worldwide visitors to its networks in 2014

  3. Victory!
    GOD’s Desire Music just sent you 3 MP3 songs off of our CD “FREEDOM!”. Please contact us when you receive them or have any questions.

    • D Brax says:

      Hi and hoping all well. I’m jazz recording artist from musicsubmit and musicsubmit had sent you some tracks of minds for radio rotation and I wanted to know what is the status of those tracks receiving radio airplay. Thank you so much

  4. AL DAVIS says:

    Couldn’t log on to my site

    • iOn says:

      Breaking Good News Sundays 5pm – 6pm (CA) live global syndications radio broadcast. Let iOn optimize your church, ministry, artists, entrepreneur or as a distributor. 1 877 998 2623

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