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  1. Maria says:

    Dr. Jean, the broadcast was excellent! Your words were with grace and though you were addressing a large audience, your words were up-close and personal. You ministered to your radio audience as individuals, speaking to them and not at them. You are always teaching and training us…Thank you so much for your leadership and example!

    Maria Gardner, Los Angeles, Ca

  2. t says:

    Please change background on page. One because to much is going on in the background. I totally understand you might want to send messages through your background but it should be a clean background and not distract users from the message your sending out in writing. And second it’s not mobile friendly, it’s so much going on and not going on it’s bothersome. When u click on radio live off the home page it says tap to download app????:-\ Tapped on my phone then tablet nothing happen.There’s an option menu below that when open has a lot of apps but when opened ask for email??=\ Thought I might find u (your app) in the android store but I didn’t know which live radio you were:-(. OK I may have been rough but on u but a good trick is to fade out the plane to almost nothing in the background or watermark it which is the samething. Remember you want your message to be clear and if two messages are dominating at the same time it can become a distraction.

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